Ergonomic Cabin

The latest AC traction and hydraulic pump motors ensure powerful performance and increased levels of productivity and uptime.


Hydraulic Performance

The high precision and durable mast design provides excellent stability and performance in all applications. Doosan’s standard damping system within the mast reduces noise and shocks.

  • Mast reach damping system
  • Primary & secondary lift cylinder damping system
  • Tilting carriage system for increased stability
  • Advanced height indicator and pre-selections (optional)


360° Steering

The driver can choose between 180° or 360° steering to suit his individual operating conditions. Each type of steering has its own strengths. 180° steering systeem has a smaller turning radius while 360° steering system is less strenuous on arms, wrists and shoulders, with the ability to change direction without speed reduction, providing excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Above that, the 360° steering system gives the possibility to drive in two directions. 



The optimized mast and overhead guard design provides a clear upward view to the forks.

  • Standard overhead guard for excellent all-round visibility
  • Standard forward clear-view protector
  • Full free view with glass roof panel (optional)
  • Patented Fork camera system with colour display (optional)


Simultaneous Hydraulic Control

Simultaneous hydraulic control allow loads to lift, reach and side-shift at the same time. This offers the highest level of efficiency, reduces work cycle time and increases productivity.


Personal performance settings

The 7-Series Plus offers programmable performance settings tailored to suit each operator and application.


Operator friendly graphical user interface

Doosan’s graphical user interface provides truck status as well as dynamic information and key pad entry.



Doosan provides optimized safety control through numerous safety functions:

  • Emergency stop switch
  • “Dead-man” pedal
  • Side shoulder guard
  • Curve speed control for safety while cornering
  • Thermal protector for controllers
  • Load wheel brakes
  • Automatic parking brake



The fingertip levers are ideally placed to give drivers enhanced control and the ability to proportionally blend hydraulic functions. These functions are easy to understand for all operators.


Adjustable armrest

The contoured arm rest provides ideal support for the right arm and contains a generous storage box.



The fully adjustable suspension seat provides support and the most effective comfort.


Steering column

The adjustable (slide/tilt) steering column provides an optimized operator position.


Easy access and control

The large entry step and handles ensure that the operator can mount and unmount safely.

Description (unit) BR14JW-7 PLUS BR16JW-7 PLUS
Rated load capacity (Kg) 1400 1600
Battery capacity (Ah) 420 - 560 - 700 420 - 560 - 700
Load center (mm) 600 600
Maximum lift height (mm) 9410 9410
Length to face of forks (mm) 1338 - 1403 - 1473 1338 - 1403 - 1473
Overall width (mm) 1268/1270 1268/1270
Overhead guard height (mm) 2185 2185
Outside turning radius (mm) 1661 1708
Travel speed (loaded/unloaded) (km / h) 12.0 / 12.0 12.0 / 12.0
Lift speed (loaded/unloaded) (mm / s) 420/600 420/600
Lowering speed (loaded/unloaded) (mm / s) 500/500 500/500
Extras Standard Optional
Operator Sensing System (OSS) -
(ISO3691) Mast lowering inter-lock -
Emergency mast lowering valve system -
Emergency stop switch -
Load wheel brake -
Flashing light -
Panoramic mirror -
Battery top cover -
Blue spot safety LED light -
Load / Drive wheel cover -
Back-up alarm -


Extras Standard Optional
AC System -
Full simultaneous mast movement -
Programmable truck performance -
PIN code start -
Electro magnetic auto parking brake -
Auto centering drive wheel -
Automatic reach damping system -
Hydraulic cushioning in lift cylinder -
Intergral side shift -
Tilting fork carriage -
360/180° Steering -
Halogen working light -
LED working light -
Glass top overhead guard roof -
Cold storage -
Freezer storage -
Height pre-select & indicator -
ILoad weight indicator -
Fork camera system -


Operator Comfort
Extras Standard Optional
Premium Grammer Suspension Seat -
Fingertip controls -
Adjustable control console -
Adjustable steering wheel -
Large entry grip & step -
Side shoulder protector -
Writing table -


Durability and Serviceability
Extras Standard Optional
Robust frame & overhead guard structure -
Thermal control system protector -
Hour meter -
Low battery warning alarm -
Easy access for maintenance -
Side battery removal -


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