Quality Management System



The Quality Management System from Lusilectra, S.A. is structured based on the NP EN ISO 9001 standard and has as its main focus the satisfaction of all stockholders, interested parties and customers involved in the following activities:

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  • Importing, Selling and Technical Assistance:
    • Automotive Special Accessories;
    • Forklift trucks;
    • Workshop and PTI equipment;
    • Professional Tools.


Quality is to satisfy the needs and expectations of all stockholders.

This concept applies not only to the quality of the offered services and products, but also to the quality of the interpersonal relationships, as well as to the respect and fulfillment of the applicable provisions.

To do so, it is necessary the total involvement and commitment of all employees, team work, mutual aid and of course, goals, processes and systems that conforms to the Quality Management System.

Quality has, this way, the principle of the continuous improvement, in order to improve efficiency and the consequent value creation.

Satisfaction Survey

Your opinion is very important for us, in order to promote a continuous improvement of our products and services.