Electric Forklift Trucks - Electric Forklift (4 to 5 ton)
Electric Forklift Trucks - Electric Forklift (4 to 5 ton)
Electric Forklift Trucks - Electric Forklift (4 to 5 ton)
Electric Forklift Trucks - Electric Forklift (4 to 5 ton)
Electric Forklift Trucks - Electric Forklift (4 to 5 ton)
Electric Forklift Trucks - Electric Forklift (4 to 5 ton)

Electric Forklift (4 to 5 ton)

Range of Doosan electric forklifts with a load capacity of 4,0 to 5,0 tonnes

Reliable AC controller

Curtis AC controllers provide an unbeatable combination of power, performance and functionality. The IP 65 rated controller is very reliable and well proven in tough applications.


Rounded Design Counterweight


Excellent visibility

The precisely designed overhead guard profile with angled roof bars provides a clear upward view whilst ensuring ultimate strength for safety. The excellent visibility enables you to work faster and more efficient.


Productive acceleration & braking

The productive acceleration and braking gives the operator maximum safety and convenience. When starting the truck, the initial acceleration is reduced for safe & comfortable movement. The acceleration increases when driving at mid & high-speed for a more productive operation. An ergonomically positioned brake decreases the braking pedal effort.


Finger tip controls (optional)

Fast, precise and infinitely controllable fingertip control makes the 7-series effortless and efficient.


Ergonomic Interior Design

Operators perform best when their working conditions are perfect and the Doosan 7-Series has been designed to make this a reality.

The steering column and full suspension comfort seat, armrest and optional headrest are all fully adjustable to accommodate every operator’s individual preferences. The display and all control functions are ideally situated for maximum comfort. In addition, operators can control the truck’s performance settings during operation, simply by navigating the instrument panel.


Easy to Control

The effortless new Doosan finger-tip control system or mechanical hydraulic levers enables the most effective operation.

The specially designed Convenience Box uses combinations of new and old favorites giving great added value, such as a large cup holder, USB port & 12V cigar jack and clip board holder. These features ensure optimal operator comfort.

Hydraulic Levers: Simple, reliable and familiar. The direction switch is located on the hydraulic lever, meaning a quick change of forward to backward is no problem and completely safe as there is no need to take your hands off the steering wheel or hydraulic levers.

New Finger-tip Controls: Optimal ergonomics gives optimal performance. The fast and accurate fingertip system makes operating the new Doosan 7-Series effortless and more efficient than ever before.

The ergonomic small steering wheel (ø 280 mm) with knob enhances operating comfort and productivity and increases the available legroom in the operator compartment.


Ease of Access Ensures Maximum Comfort

Many operators have the need to get on and off the truck regularly for many different reasons.

So, we have designed a number of features to make this easier and safer than ever before.

  • Large entry step plate with an anti-slip pattern ensures sure footing even for large safety boots
  • Easy grip handle makes mounting and dismounting the machine easier
  • Large uncluttered floor plate with no trip hazards gives optimal comfort and more leg room
  • Angled floor plate reduces strain on ankles and large pedals ensure maximum safety and ease of operation


Large Panoramic Mirror

Provides the operator a clear view of the rear working area, improving working safety & efficiency.


LED Lights

Brighter and last longer than traditional sealed beams or halogen lights.


Rear Grab Bar with Horn

Enhances safety, comfort and convenience when traveling in reverse.


Anti-Slip Step Plate

The anti-slip pattern step plate increases safety when mounting the truck during snowy or rainy weather conditions.


Emergency stop switch

Integrated in the fingertip, the emergency stop switch is very easy to reach, to respond immediately to emergency situations.


Worldwide service network

Doosan provides high-quality support, relying on its extensive dealer network. No matter where you are located, highly-skilled professionals are always ready to help you, guaranteeing maximum uptime.


Doosan Genuine Parts

The parts warehouse, located in Belgium, supplies high quality Doosan parts to our European Dealer Network. Therefore, we can guarantee an optimal service for your trucks.


LCD display

The large color LCD display keeps the operator informed about the condition of the truck. Upcoming service intervals will be indicated on the display.


Toolless removable side panel

The side panel can be removed without the need for any tool, not even a screwdriver. In this way, the operator or service technician saves valuable time. Thanks to the wide open hood angle, components are easily accessible to service.


Easy to access Controller Room

No need to open the hood to access the controller to change settings or connecting the diagnostics tool.


Diagnostics tool

Thanks to the kvaser connector, the performance settings can quickly and easily be finetuned. The EasyViewer software has been developed by Curtis, exclusively for Doosan for maximum control over your truck settings.

Description (Unit) B40X-7 B45X-7 B50XC-7 B50X-7
Rated Load Capacity (kg) 4000 4500 4990 5000
Load Center (mm) 500 500 500 500
Overall Length to Fork Face (mm) 2957 2957 2987 2987
Truck Overall Width (mm) 1470 1470 1470 1470
Height of Overhead Guard (mm) 2340 2335 2335 2335
Minimum Turning Radius (mm) 2620 2620 2645 2645
Travel Speed, Loaded (km/h) 15 15 15 15
Lifting Speed, Loaded (mm/s) 0.35 0.35 0.31 0.31
Wheel Base (mm) 2000 2000 2000 2000
Battery Type DIN43536A DIN43536A DIN43536A DIN43536A
Voltage/Max. Capacity (V / Ah) 80 / 720 80 / 720 80 / 720 80 / 720
Extras Standard Optional
OSS (Operator Sensing System) -
Anti roll back -
Low battery warning alarm -
Auto tilt leveling -
Mast lowering interlock & tilt lock (ISO 3691) -
Emergency stop switch -
Automatic speed control -
Easy entry grab bar -
Large entry step with anti-slip pattern -
Panoramic mirror -
 LED Lights - ✔ 
Extras Standard Optional
Excellent visibility through mast -
Rounded design counterweight -
Hydraulic cushioned valve in secondary cylinder (FFL & FFT) -
Smooth and responsive acceleration -
Fingertip controls -
Battery side lift in and out -
Battery roll in and out -
Auto tilt leveling -
Direction switch on main control valve -
Extras Standard Optional
Large & angle floor plate (leg room) with rubber mat -
Rounded design battery hood cover -
Easy to read instrument panel -
Adjustable tilt steering column & easy grip (280 size) -
Steering wheel -
Large cup holder, USB port & 12V electric jack, clipboard board -
Low overhead guard -
Steering wheel knob -
Mono pedal -
Premium seats: Grammer seat -
Extras Standard Optional
Full AC system chassis -
IP65 Rated curtis controller -
Robust frame structure & strong structure overhead guard -
Oil-cooled disc brakes (ODB) -
IP 43 rated drive & pump motors -
Easy to access controller -
Wide open battery hood cover -
Toolless side cover -
 IP 54 rated drive & pump motors -

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