Technical Support

Lusilectra is a company certified by several manufacturers that we represent. Thus, our Technical Department is equipped with physical and human means to perform repairs and maintenance of all the products we sell. If necessary, we are also able to propose service and maintenance contracts to the customers that want a more personalized, priority, quick and efficient support.
Our technical team stands out for its high professionalism and ability to respond to repair requests. We continually invest on the internal training, in order to guarantee the quality of our services and, of course, our customers satisfaction. Whenever necessary, we provide resources to carry out assistance and / or repair at our customers’ facilities, whether for convenience or difficulty in transporting equipment. At Lusilectra the main concern is to solve all issues with the minimum possible losses for our customers.
Layouts and Advice
  • Turnkey Solutions
With our experience, know-how and deep understanding of market needs, we help our customers to make the best decisions, based on the efficiency and profitability intended for the business. In this way, we want that your workshop and/or PTI center can work in an exemplary manner and that the layout is designed to meet the latest structural and legal requirements. We collaborate directly with the customers and with their builders, designers and architects in order to plan the space, making it more profitable.
Renting and Leasing
Lusilectra offers the possibility of renting or leasing of various equipment and machines, namely forklift trucks, pallet trucks, stackers and some equipment for workshops and PTI centers. We have a wide range of equipment and machines that can be awarded for a short or long term. All in order to satisfy a larger customer range. The advantage of this service is to enable customers to better manage their resources by compensating peak activity with leased machines and equipment for the required period of time, thus not incurring in additional costs and low usage.
When acquiring any equipment or machine, Lusilectra offers several types of training so that you can immediately handle the equipment correctly and improve productivity. The training is performed by specialized technicians who are able to approach the theoretical, technical and operative areas of our equipment.

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