Our Commitment


For a fairer society and for a better environment.


We believe that well-succeeding companies have the civic duty to be socially responsible, playing an active role in supporting causes that combat poverty and help those who need it the most. For Lusilectra, more than contributing to the social responsibility actions, it should promote and ensure the involvement of all the employees, customers, partners and interested parties on this actions, promoting in this way a better society.


The commitment with sustainability is oriented by our business values and dictates the way we are.

The presence of a strong environmental ethical code in the company, leads us to innovate and to work continuously to strengthen Lusilectra as a company that respects the environment in all aspects and throughout its entire value chain. At the same time, we bring this environmental concern to all our employees and stakeholders, fighting every day against waste and promoting recycling of everything that is possible.


Our employee’s satisfaction and well-being is an internal premise, with which we care about and dedicate ourselves every day. It is in our People that the basis of our success lays, and it is for them that we also guide our efforts to live up to their expectations.

Our performance is governed by the highest standards of ethics, fairness, honesty and integrity, and we conduct our business in a transparent manner, based on strong and lasting partnerships, as well as social cooperation with several entities.


The connection that Lusilectra has with educational entities is very important, as we contribute to the development of new technological solutions and to the experience and know-how of those who interact with us.

On a regular basis, Lusilectra welcomes students from various educational institutions, providing them the opportunity to practice in our company. This gives added value to both parties.


Lusilectra considers education and training as a pillar of its activity, thus contributing to the continuous training of all its employees for their constant evolution, both personally and professionally.

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