Gas Forklifts - LPG Forklift (1.5ton – 2.0ton)

LPG Forklift (1.5ton – 2.0ton)

Spacious and Well Planned Operator compartment

Ample operator leg room, tiltable steering column and ergonomically positioned operator pedals combined with a low cowl height facilitate ease of operation.


Integrated Instrument Panel

The integrated instrument panel provides critical information instantly. Fuel, oil pressure, temperature and hour usage are clearly indicated, whilst additional status information on the mast interlock feature, transmission status, seat belt, and brake oil level keeps the operator fully aware of all vehicle performance systems.


Convenience Package

Provides excellent storage for paperwork, refreshments, small tools, etc.


Auto Tilt Leveling (optional)

Returns the mast to the upright vertical position at the push of a button.


Operator Sensing System

  • Parking alarm: Alarm warning when operator leaves the seat without applying parking brake.
  • Seat belt indicator: 10 second warning light reminds operator to fasten seat belt.
  • Neutral shift feature: Transmission is automatically shifted into neutral when the operator leaves the seat with the engine running and the direction lever in forward or reverse.


Rear Grab Bar with Horn (optional)

Enables horn activation to alert surrounding personnel without the need to look away from the direction of travel.

Description (unit) G15S-5 G18S-5 G20SC-5
Rated Load Capacity (kg) 1500 1750 2000
Load Center (mm) 500 500 500
Overall Length to Fork Face (mm) 2170 2215 2250
Truck Overall Width (mm) 1070 1070 1070
Height of Overhead Guard (mm) 2170 2170 2170
Minimum Turning Radius (mm) 1977 2022 2050
Travel Speed, Loaded (km/h) 18 18 18
Lifting Speed, Loaded (mm/s) 600 600 600
Wheel Base (mm) 1400 1400 1400
Engine Models G424I (E) (LP, DF)
Rated Power of Engine (Kw(HP)/rpm) 33.9/2450
Max.Torque (N-m / rpm) 148/1600
Displacements (cc) 2359
Extras Standard Optional
Drive in rack overhead guard -
Oil-cooled disc brakes -
Fuel cap with key -
Precleaner -
Vertical exhaust tube -
Catalytic muffler -
Modular operation cabin -
Radiator screen -
Non marking tires (solid) -
Mono ped foot direction and acceleration control -
Finger control system -
Autoshift (single, dual tire) -
Swingout LP MTG -
Swingdown LP MTG -
Lift and Tilt locking Hydraulic Control Valve -
Auto Tilt Leveling -
Rear Grab Bar with Horn -
Hydraulic Accumulator -
Integrated Sideshifter -
Integrated Shifting Fork Positioner -
Hook on Sideshifter -

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