Ozone Generators - Velyen VEL-OZ P05

Velyen VEL-OZ P05

Ozone Generator for Vehicles

The Ozone Generator from Velyen ensures viruses, bacteria and odours disinfection.

This equipment is prepared for an intensive usage with the possibility to adjust time and quantity of ozone produced.

Furthermore, this Ozone Generator, before finishing the cleaning process, automatically removes ozone, which means that, after the end of the program, you can take advantage of the disinfected space or place immediately.

Finally, it is important to note that this equipment is ideal for public passenger transport, taxis, uber’s, car rentals, automotive workshops, etc.


  • Bacteria, viruses and odours disinfectant
  • Ideal for taxis, uber’s, bus, automotive workshops, public passenger transports, etc.
  • Portable

Recommended operating time:

  • Passenger cars: 5min
  • Trucks: 10min

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