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Scissors Lifts

The Hydraulic Short Scissor Lift Jumbo Lift 3500 NT from Nussbaum, with a capacity of 3,500 kg, is the perfect lift for car workshops where speed, flexibility and reliability are needed.

Thanks to its innovative design, this short scissor lift will take up a small work space. In addition, the elevation of 2 meters together with the adjustable platforms make this elevator the ideal lift for any auto repair shop.

This scissor lift from Nussbaum is capable of performing various types of automotive services, such as tire services, oil changes, mechanics in general, check-in, inspection and car maintenance.

Consequently it can be used in the various types of light vehicles:

  • Cars and commercial vehicles
  • Sports cars
  • SUVs
  • Vans

The Jumbo Lift 3500 NT from Nussbaum is not only safe, but it is also exceptionally flexible and reliable, and can be installed both above ground and embedded in the ground.

Specifications Unit Scissors
3.2 NT 3.5 NT
Capacity Ton 3.2 3.5
Lifting mm 2000 2000
Lifting Time sec 30 30
Platforms mm 1460 - 2060 1460 - 2160
Installation - Above ground / in-ground

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