Diesel Forklift Trucks - Diesel Forklift (4.0 to 5.5 ton)

Diesel Forklift (4.0 to 5.5 ton)

Range of Doosan diesel forklifts with a load capacity of 4.0 to 5.5 tonnes

Bobcat Diesel Forklifts with load capacities from 4.0 tons to 5.5 tons.

Multi Engine Map: Standard/Eco Mode

We provide two engine settings – STD mode and ECO mode. Each customer can choose his own setting to suit different applications.


Easy to maintain

  • Integrated Electrical Components.
  • Wide hood opening range for best accessibility.
  • Tool-less side cover and floor plate.
  • Great location of fuel filter for serviceability.


New Air Cleaner

The increased capacity of the Dual Element Air Filters makes the new 9-series more durable. The integrated MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) provides exact monitoringfor better fuel efficiency.


Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes (ODB)

Oil cooled disc brakes are available as a standard on all series.

This enclosed Brake system eliminates outsider contamination, significantly extending brake life and decreasing maintenance cost.

Oil cooled disc brakes have service interval 5 times longer than conventional shoe brakes, and virtually maintenance free.


LED lights (optional)

LED lights give greater visibility in darker conditions and last much longer than conventional light bulbs.


Locking type gas spring for hood

Improves safety and convenience with locking function.


Integrated instrument panel

The centralized and easy-to-read instrument panel with LED back lights maximizes operator’s efficiency. Fuel gauge, engine hour meter, engine oil pressure, coolant and transmission temperature, mast interlock, transmission neutral, seat belt, brake oil level indicator keep operator ever aware of all vehicle performance system.

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