Wheel Balancers - Hofmann – Geodyna 7850-2P

Hofmann – Geodyna 7850-2P

Wheel Balancing Machine

  • Automatic data entry, selection of balancing mode and spoke detection via SCANNER and Smart Sonar – fast and easy
  • Touchscreen user interface – fast and highly intuitive
  • easyWeight: fast pinpoint bottom weight placement.
  • Alternative positioning of adhesive weights with the geodata gauge arm.
  • Automatic selection of balancing mode via easyAlu
  • Torque-controlled power clamp device
  • Stop-in-Position feature where the operator only has to touch the amount of unbalance on the screen and the wheel is automatically indexed to correction position
  • QuickBal for reduced measurement time: Short start-stop cycle time: 4.5 seconds (15’’ rim)
  • Telescopic wheel guard with increased capability (1050mm max wheel diam. ) requiring no additional back space
  • New ergonomic weight tray
  • Rim lighting to facilitate application of the geodata gauge arm
  • Wheel lift

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