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Sany Car

Ozone Generator for Vehicles

The ozone generator Sany-Car is the ideal equipment for all type of vehicles interiors and AC systems sanitation.

It is lightweight, easy to carry and it is supplied with electric power through a simple electrical outlet. This equipment ensures the complete inactivation of all microorganisms, removal of harmful, organic and inorganic toxic waste in the air and on surfaces and, of course, it eliminates viruses and odours. It does not leave residues and it reduces the use of chemicals, sanitizes difficult to reach surfaces and it takes few minutes to clean a small area.


  • Compatible with all types of motor vehicles (cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, minibuses, caravans, etc.)
  • Safe System – this exclusive system is totally automated, allows safe entry into the vehicle right after the end of treatment, due to the reverse process of obtaining oxygen that this equipment offers.
  • Automatic ozone elimination
  • Disinfectant for bacteria, viruses and odours
  • 3 Predefined work programs
  • Does not use consumables
  • Easy to carry and use

AISI 430 Steel
Compact and easy to carry
Ozone production
5 g/h (by discharge)
Catalyst action
Ozone Destruction
110/250 V - 50/60 Hz
A 1,00 - 1,20
4 kg
Max. volume of the area to be treated
50 m3
Ambient Temperature
+4ºC / +38°C (max. relative humidity at 90%)
Operation Time
Cars and Commercial Vehicles
20 min (Prog. 1)
Ambulances, Vans and Minibuses
27min (Prog. 2)
Caravans / Busses
42min (Prog. 3)

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