Ozone Generators - Mahle OzonePRO

Mahle OzonePRO

Ozone Generator for Vehicles

The generator OzonePRO from Mahle is a professional sanitation system ideal for the maintenance and repair services in all automotive workshops, aiming to remove viruses, bacteria and odours.

This high-performance portable equipment includes an innovating and exclusive multifunctional sensor, that analyses, calculates and directs the entire hygiene operation, because every environment has different requirements according to its composition, air volume, temperature, humidity and cleaning level, which are essential indicators for the definition of the needed time for sanitation.
This task is performed by the OzonePRO multifunctional sensor that controls all the steps of the sanitation process, avoiding the circumstances that can affect the final result, such as, failure to achieve a proper saturation or improper saturation times.


  • Easy to use, safe and 100% ecological
  • Fully automated
  • Multifunctional sensor
  • For vehicles, trucks and busses interiors
  • To sanitize your workplace
  • Ideal solution for hotels and shops
  • App O3-Easy to manage the device and to remotely monitor the processes

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