Measuring Systems - Car-O-Liner – Car-O-Tronic

Car-O-Liner – Car-O-Tronic

Specifications Measuring system
Car-O-TronicVision2 X1 Car-O-TronicVision2 X2 Car-O-TronicVision2 X3
Click in Batteries x x
Plug in Slot/Measuring Adapters x x x
Wireless x x x
Compatibility to other benches x x x
High Measurement Point - HMP x x
Bulit in Remote Control x
Smart LED x x x
Endless rotation x
Complete Workorder Form x x x
Complete Vehicle Index List x x x
Analyze mode of vehicle damage x x x
Automatic Search Point (ASP) x x x
Measuring during pulling (updates 3 times/se) x x x
Absolute & Comparative Measuring Mode x x x
Documentation as printouts x x x
Quick Guide, Instruction Manual x x x
Backup x x x
Support through VisionWeb x x x
Upper Body Measuring Mode x x x
Automatic Centering with diagnosis x x x
Info Center x x x
Repair Info x x x
Online software and data updates x x x
Online support x x x
Automatic adjustment to screen resolution x x x
Import / export of Work Order x x x
handEye x x x
Holding & Anchoring Support (EVO 1, 2, 3) x
Balljoint Measuring x
Suspension Check Diagnosis x
Surface Damage Diagnosis x
VIN Decoding x
Point to Point - P2P Measuring x
Animated setup/clamping x
Photos of all measuring points x x x
Chassis drawings x x x
Lower body data x x x
Set-up information x x x
Upper body data, unibody x x x
Photos of vehicles x x x
Holding and anchoring data (EVO 1, 2, 3) x
Point to point data, unibody & fullframe x
VIN decoding x

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