Two Column Lifts - Nussbaum – SmartLift

Nussbaum – SmartLift

2 Column Lift

The two columns SmartLift from Nussbaum offers several solutions for load capacity, from 3.0 tonnes to 4.0 tonnes.

It is the ideal vehicle lift for any automotive workshop where the demand, flexibility and reliability are needed. This lift has 2 telescopic and asymmetric arms and the connection between columns can be made in ground or through the upper crossmember without height.

This way, the SmartLift from Nussbaum can perform several types of automotive services, such as, tyres services, oil replacement, mechanics in general, check-in, inspection and vehicle maintenance.

And it can also be used on the several models of light passenger vehicles:

  • Passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Sport vehicles
  • SUVs
  • Vans

This 2 columns lift from Nussbaum stands out for its quality, safety and reliability.

Specifications Two Column Lift
2.30 SL DT 2.35 SL DT 2.40 SL
Capacity (ton) 3.0 3.5 4.0
Lifting (mm) 1983 2010 2060
Lifting/Lowering Time (sec) 40 / 40 40 / 40 40 / 40
Telescopic Arms Yes (2x) Yes (2x) Yes (2x)
Symmetrical Arms No No No
Assymetrical Arms Yes Yes Yes
Motor (Kw) 2 x 1,5 2 x 1,5 2 x 1,5

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