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TechPro Digital ADAS

ADAS Digital System for Passenger Cars

The ADAS Digital equipment from Mahle is different from the competitors due to its simple use, speed to prepare the vehicle for the cameras and radars calibration, range of vehicle makes and models and of course, due to the continuous system updating.

This product arises thanks to the technological evolution of the automotive sector, which has been increasingly implementing radars, cameras and sensors for driver assistance, known as Technologies from the ADAS System (Advanced System for Driving Assistance), in all type of vehicles.

Thus, the ADAS Digital System from Mahle is essential for all automotive workshops and for a proper and correct after-sales service and vehicle maintenance. Currently, all vehicles are equipped with radars, sensors and camera systems that need to be calibrated according to the vehicle geometrical axis, in order to avoid failures on the driving assistance systems.

For this reason, and thinking on all automotive workshops, Lusilectra recommends the Digital System from Mahle, which has as main benefit its Digital Calibration Panel that, unlike the existing equipment on the market, does not need to be exchange according to the vehicle make and model, i.e., only with one calibration panel you will be able to calibrate all vehicle makes and models.

Concerning the system and software updates of this workshop equipment, they will be performed continuous and automatically aiming to follow all technological developments and all new models of vehicles introduced into the market.


  • ADAS Digital Multibrand System
  • Quick and easy calibration of the driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Only one Calibration Panel for all vehicle makes and models
  • Automatic updates

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