Body Repair Benches - Blackhawk – Korek

Blackhawk – Korek

  • For lifting, anchoring and straightening
  • Can be used with electronic or mechanical measuring systems
  • On or in-floor installation
  • Fast vehicle set-up with the hydraulic table lift
  • Comfortable working height
  • For small to important repairs (from cars to trucks)
  • Possibility to straighten small damages without anchoring
  • You can perform pulls and pushes in all directions including upwards.
  • Standard module 4 m x 6,5 m (adaptable)
  • Pulling capacity: 10t
  • Expansible according to the customer needs
Specifications Straighthening System
Width 3980 mm
Length 6522 mm
Weight 1420 kg
Extra - Great diversity of compositions - Various accessories sets available

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