Tools for Agents - Download Tool – Optimo2

Download Tool – Optimo2


Optimo² is a programming technology that uses the proven Dell technology to offer everything a workshop needs to program and calibrate.


Programming and calibration

Focused on the usage speed and easiness, Optimo² allows a wireless calibration of all digital tachographs, including the last version VDO and also gives users the option to activate / deactivate the 2nd movement function on the SE5000 tachographs and VDO versions.


  • Wireless programming and calibration
  • Dell technology
  • Option to activate / deactivate the 2nd movement function in the SE5000 tachographs and all VDO versions.
  • Reads, saves and sends automatically tachograph parameters
  • It includes tachograph and sensor cross references
  • Extra Storage space for PDF documents
  • 11” touch screen
  • Available in 18 languages.
  • Rubber moldings to increase robustness.

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