Digital Rearview Mirrors for Heavy Vehicles - Mirror Eye – Orlaco and Stoneridge

Mirror Eye – Orlaco and Stoneridge


This new automotive technology replaces the traditional interior cameras and displays rear view mirrors, increasing safety through the removal of dead spots.

MirrorEye consists of two high resolution cameras installed on both side of the cabin. It gives to the driver a real-time view of the images on a high resolution monitor, providing this way always an optimal vision, everywhere and in all circumstances.

The goal of this system is to overcome the rear view mirrors in all circumstances, adding value added resources, such as, the self-cleaning function to remove the problems with rain and dirt, an advanced thawing system for driving at low temperatures, night vision to make night driving more safe and the possibility to manage the images to reduce the bright caused by sunlight.



  • Elimination of dead spots
  • Wide and clear vision
  • Real time vision
  • High resolution
  • Night vision
    • Aerodynamic design
    • Self-cleaning
    • Thawing system
    • Possibility to manage images
    • Conforms EMC standards and directives ISO/TS 16949
    • Available for all truck brands

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