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Car Speed Limiter

LPDK - Vehicle Speed Limiter

A Speed Limiter, as the name suggests, has the function of controlling and limiting the speed of a vehicle. This speed is set by the driver to ensure it is not exceeded.

The speed limit should be activated using the Speed Limiter button when reaching the desired speed that you do not want to exceed. To deactivate the set speed limit, simply press the button again or forcefully press the accelerator for 2 seconds.

In addition to making your vehicle more comfortable and secure, this solution is capable of reducing fuel consumption by up to 25%, depending on driving style, routes, and speed. It also contributes significantly to reducing the vehicle's CO2 emissions.

LPDK speed limiters comply with EU environmental standards and can be installed in most vehicles with electronic throttle, including hybrids and electric vehicles, providing a versatile and efficient solution for speed control.

Experience our Speed Limiters and enjoy safe, economical, and environmentally friendly driving. Contact us to learn more about installing this device in your vehicle.

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