Cruise Control and Speed Limiters - Dynamic and Intelligent Speed Limiter

Dynamic and Intelligent Speed Limiter

E-Cruise DSL - Intelligent Speed Limiter

The E-Cruise Dynamic Speed Limiter (DSL) is an innovative dynamic speed limiter that uses vehicle cameras to read real-time traffic signs. By utilizing the data from the traffic signs, the device automatically limits the vehicle's speed, avoiding speeding fines and reducing fuel consumption.

Specially developed for the Toyota Road Sign Assist (RSA) camera technology, the E-Cruise DSL is the world's first dynamic speed limiting device. It works in conjunction with the Cruise Control system and can be activated or deactivated using the On/Off button, providing full control to the driver.

The installation of the E-Cruise DSL is easy and quick, and can be performed by any authorized mechanic. Additionally, the device offers the option to set a permanent maximum speed limit, adapting to each driver's individual preferences.

With the E-Cruise DSL, you can enjoy safer driving, avoiding fines, and contributing to fuel consumption reduction. Experience this innovative technology and take advantage of all its benefits.


  • Automatically limits the vehicle's speed according to the information from traffic signs.
  • The On/Off button allows you to choose when to use the system.
  • Easy and quick installation for any authorized mechanic.
  • Optional permanent maximum speed limit.

Representative video about the Smart Speed Limiter:

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