Garage Equipment

A/C Purifier

Ecotechnics – Saniflux

Main Features:

  • Air conditioning purification
  • Elimination of odors, bacteria and fungi
  • The treatment can be performed simultaneously with the A / C charge


Ozone Generator


Main Features:

  • Disinfectant for bacteria, viruses and odors
  • Automatic ozone removal
  • Operation time:
    • 5 min – passenger
    • 10 min – buses

Special Auto Accessories

Driver Division and Protection

Car FibreGlass

Main Features:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Available and compatible with all passenger vehicles
  • Allows safe passage of cash, receipts and ATMs
  • In compliance with Covid-19 Contention and Contagion rules
  • European Approval – UNECRE R43
Proteção e Divisória do Condutor


IC Forklift Diesel

Doosan – D30GX

Main Features:

  • Max. Capacity 3.0 ton
  • Mast FFT Triplex (4.710 mm)
  • Integrated Sideshifter
  • Auto Shift Control

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