Measuring Systems - Car-O-Liner – Car-O-Tronic

Car-O-Liner – Car-O-Tronic

SpecificationsMeasuring system
Car-O-TronicVision2 X1Car-O-TronicVision2 X2Car-O-TronicVision2 X3
Click in Batteriesx x
Plug in Slot/Measuring Adaptersxxx
Compatibility to other benchesxxx
High Measurement Point - HMP xx
Bulit in Remote Control  x
Smart LEDxxx
Endless rotation  x
Complete Workorder Formxxx
Complete Vehicle Index Listxxx
Analyze mode of vehicle damagexxx
Automatic Search Point (ASP)xxx
Measuring during pulling (updates 3 times/se)xxx
Absolute & Comparative Measuring Modexxx
Documentation as printoutsxxx
Quick Guide, Instruction Manualxxx
Support through VisionWebxxx
Upper Body Measuring Modexxx
Automatic Centering with diagnosisxxx
Info Centerxxx
Repair Infoxxx
Online software and data updatesxxx
Online supportxxx
Automatic adjustment to screen resolutionxxx
Import / export of Work Orderxxx
Holding & Anchoring Support (EVO 1, 2, 3)  x
Balljoint Measuring  x
Suspension Check Diagnosis  x
Surface Damage Diagnosis  x
VIN Decoding  x
Point to Point - P2P Measuring  x
Animated setup/clamping  x
Photos of all measuring pointsxxx
Chassis drawingsxxx
Lower body dataxxx
Set-up informationxxx
Upper body data, unibodyxxx
Photos of vehiclesxxx
Holding and anchoring data (EVO 1, 2, 3)  x
Point to point data, unibody & fullframe  x
VIN decoding  x

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