Body Repair Benches - Blackhawk – Mini Banco – MPT 50

Blackhawk – Mini Banco – MPT 50

  • Lifting, anchoring and straightening of vehicles
  • Fast vehicle setup with the hydraulic lift
  • Comfortable working height
  • For small,quick jobs 5T pull capacity
  • Straightening all around the vehicle
  • Can be used as lifting device for other repair jobs
  • Double pivoting of pulling arm for precise pulls
  • Minimum space required
  • Robust clamps and easy lifting pads
  • Quick instalation of pulling system
SpcificationsStraighthening System
MPT 50
Width without pulling arm842 mm
Length2800 mm
Height115 mm
Electric pump380 V
Total weight1300 Kg
Max. lifting height of table1200 mm
Lifting capacity2500 Kg
Time of ascent / descent26 s

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