Vision Solutions - Orlaco – Coner Eye

Orlaco – Coner Eye


Get an excellent view of dead spots around the vehicle with the new revolutionary system of CornerEye camera.

It is a unique vision system that combine digital technology with an efficient applications solution, covering a field of vision that satisfies more than the V and VI vision criteria.

The system has an angular big lens in combination with the most recent technologies to allow a field of vision of 270°.



  • Safety
    • Improves driver safety and of the other road users
    • Reduces damages level and the number of accidents
    • Excellent vision of dead spots
    • Excellent vision even in the most extreme conditions of cold and volatility
    • Waterproof and shock and vibrations resistant camera
  • Compliance with automotive requirements
  • CornerEye camera (HOROS of 180º)
  • 10” HLED monitor.

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