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Refrigeration System for Transport of Goods

Denso Refrigeration Systems for Vans

Denso offers a wide range of highly reliable Refrigeration Systems for transporting different types of goods such as frozen foods, pharmaceuticals and specialty items. Additionally, our refrigeration system promises to save up to 33% in energy consumption.

We provide a complete range of Refrigeration Systems for your vehicle or commercial fleets. Denso's refrigeration systems are easy to install and do not interfere with the original vehicle structure.

A reliable Refrigeration System is essential for maintaining consistent temperature and quality when transporting goods such as food, medication, frozen products, perishables, and animals.

Key Features:

  • Refrigeration units with negative and positive temperatures in ATP compliance, capable of operating down to -30°C.
  • Wide range of ATP-compliant solutions, including r134, r404, and r452 gases, with road and stand-by options.
  • Integrated refrigeration solutions to meet the most complex applications.
  • Specialized systems for transporting goods requiring constant temperatures in the medium to long term, such as medications and live animals.
  • Manufacturing based on specifications defined by automobile manufacturers.
  • Development of customer-specific systems based on their requirements.


  • Preferred brand of leading automobile manufacturers.
  • Proven experience, reliability, performance, and efficiency.
  • European manufacturing with Japanese technology.
  • High-quality components based on rigorous standards and subjected to thorough testing.

Customer Service:

  • Pre-sales and after-sales support provided by industry experts and Denso's technical assistance competence.
  • Specialized service centers throughout Europe with reduced response times for customer needs.

By choosing Denso Refrigeration Systems, you can rely on reliable and high-quality solutions, specialized support, and efficient customer service at every stage.

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