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Engine Management Systems


Precise engineering. Advanced design. The best OEM quality. These are the extraordinary properties that you will be able to find on the Denso range of Engine Management Systems (EMS) for Aftermarket.

From the ignition coils to the flowmeters (MAF), from the fuel pumps to the recirculation valves of the exhaust gases (EGR) and to the Exhaust gases temperature sensors (EGT), each one of our EMS products is characterized by Denso original technologies, which ensures a seamless operation and a better performance and safety on the road.

Denso has developed the first world EGR module capable of integrating the EGR valve and butterfly valve, to reduce the diesel engine emissions in 50% compared with the conventional models. Another worldwide invention was the flowmeter of the plug-in type introduced in the air suction duct, with reduced dimensions and weight and easy installation. These and other technologies cause Denso to be chosen as an Original Equipment Supplier by the main manufacturers.


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