Data Download and Analysis - Download Tool – digiDL

Download Tool – digiDL


The DigiDL allows to remote and safely download the tachograph and the driver data, using the GPRS technology in order to manage the tachograph records of all your fleet vehicles.

It allows the automatic and centralized data transfer so you can exactly know when and where will you receive your tachograph information.



  • Stock levels optimization
  • Reduced risk of customer refusal
  • Menu structure easy to navigate and to use
  • Tachograph safe download via GPRS
  • Programmed downloads
  • 1 company card can be connected with up to 300 vehicles
  • Data immediate download whenever needed



You should only insert the company card in the card reader connected to the Internet. Then, using the GPRS connection, the vehicles equipped with digiDL send the encrypted data to your company card at scheduled times.

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