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Breath Alcohol Measuring Device

Draeger - Ignition Lock - Interlock 7000


Draeger Interlock 7000 is a breath alcohol measuring device that integrates a vehicle automatic immobilizer. It measures reliably the alcohol concentration on the driver’s breath and only allows the switching on of the vehicle engine if the driver passes this test.


  • Simple and intuitive

Unlike other starter blockers, Draeger is an intuitive and discreet device with a simple blow and suck technique that will get you back on the road safely in 10 seconds.

  • Quick results

This device will be ready in less than four seconds, even in unimaginable temperatures, and can work in temperatures between -40°C to 185°C.

  • Highest accuracy on the market

The Draeger Interlock 7000™ Driver Verification System is the most accurate locking device on the market, due to its smart camera and reliable breathing results.

  • Additional innovations and accessories

Interlock 7000 can easily differentiate between breath alcohol and mouthwash according to OIML R126.

Additional accessories and headphone protectors are also available for purchase.

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